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N.21 of the Harley Merlin series

Persie Merlin and the Dying Song

N.21 of the Harley Merlin series

No one knows what the imperious Victoria Jules has in store for them. Though what’s a few monsters, after all? Persie eats them for breakfast, almost literally. But she’s still in for the biggest, most shocking Purge of her life yet, a Purge that will change her life in unfathomable ways.

As the threat of witch hunters circles the Institute, a mysterious illness begins to affect the Institute’s monsters, and a long-disappeared frenemy reappears with intentions unknown. One thing is clear: they’re here to stir up even more trouble among the local monsters-in-residence, and it seems like it’s working on everyone.

Persie finds herself at the epicenter of a brewing war quickly approaching its boiling point—and all her friends, enemies, and we’ll-find-outs are headed for a collision.

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Lord of the Twilight

In a time... a place...hidden from human eyes for Centuries, lay The Valley Of The Immortals. It is here that a legend was born. A tale that would be told for generations to come.

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Persie Merlin and the Dying Song

Persie is hard at work, preparing for the upcoming graduation trials...

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A Shade of Vampire, Book 92 – A Dawn of Worlds

Hrista’s endless rage now endangers not just The Shade, but the entirety of planet Earth and beyond. Will the Shadians, First Tenners, and their Purgatory allies be able to stand in her way?

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Darklight Book N.9

Sometimes the worst monsters are where we least expect them...

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