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N.9 of the Darklight Series


N.9 of the Darklight series

Sometimes the worst monsters are where we least expected them.

Still looking for answers to all those who disappeared in the Leftovers, Lara, Fallon and their rogue team are drawn into a new mission: working with the Florida Bureau to investigate human trafficking in the Leftovers. This time they won’t be facing monsters or Immortals, but human criminals. 

Should be a piece of cake compared to facing down the Immortal Council. Right? Except that Lara and the shadowy outfit luring teenagers in with promises of supernatural secrets might not be all talk.

Kane hasn’t gotten any peace since the meld. Through their unexplainable mind connection, Roxy managed to rescue him from an unfamiliar plane, but his recovery only raises more questions. Why did he get drawn into the Pocket Space? What are these strange dreams he’s having? And why has it been so easy to get used to a certain brash yet beautiful human girl talking to him in his head?

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Lord of the Twilight

In a time... a place...hidden from human eyes for Centuries, lay The Valley Of The Immortals. It is here that a legend was born. A tale that would be told for generations to come.

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Persie Merlin and the Dying Song

Persie is hard at work, preparing for the upcoming graduation trials...

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A Shade of Vampire, Book 92 – A Dawn of Worlds

Hrista’s endless rage now endangers not just The Shade, but the entirety of planet Earth and beyond. Will the Shadians, First Tenners, and their Purgatory allies be able to stand in her way?

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Darklight Book N.9

Sometimes the worst monsters are where we least expect them...

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Bella Forrest is a bestselling author of fantasy, romance, action, and mystery novels with surprising twists. Her books have sold over 15 million copies since 2012, including the #1 Bestselling “A Shade of Vampire” series in the Vampire Romance, Paranormal & Fantasy genres. She has also written other popular series such as “Harley Merlin,” “Darklight,” and “The Gender Game,” with a total of 169 books.

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